Saturday, 4 January 2014

Some Russian Expertise about alcohol

Me: *feeling extra blah, and kind of sick on January 1st*

Mom: Tell me, what did you drink last night?

Me: Mom, I relally didn't drink that much. I had a little bit.

Mom: I'm not asking how much you drank, I'm asking WHAT you drank.

Me: We drank Polar Ice

Mom: What is that?

Me: Its a brand of Vodka

Mom: .............. What are you ......... HOMELESS?
           *literal face palm*
          I mean I'm not saying you have to buy Ruskiy Standart (Russian Standard Vodka) because its
          expensive, but seriously!

         *Dramatic Pause*

Mom (Continued): Don't be cheap when buying alcohol. You know what cheap alcohol creates?!?!?! ALCOHOLICS that's what!

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