Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tomato Chemistry

me: I think this tomato has gone bad, its too soft

mom: bite it and see how it tastes

me: I don't want to bite bad tomatoes! I'll get food poisoning...

mom: Don't be ridiculous and taste the tomato

me: *bites* it tastes OK to me

mom: *disbelieving look* let me try *bites tomato*  this has gone bad. The fact that you tasted a bad tomato won't give you food poisoning, the fact that I've raised a daughter that can't tell good vegetables from bad vegetables is what gives you food poisoning! Give me the frying pan, I'm going to make pasta sauce.

me: mom you just said is was a bad tomato!

mom: Its bad if you want to eat it raw, its still OK for pasta sauce. Most jams and sauces are made from overripe fruits. You wont get food poisoning because heat kills the bacteria that coats the fruit as it overripe and begins to rot. No wonder you struggle with chemistry!!!

me: you mean biology?

mom: being a smart ass doesn't make you smart.

me            mom          <--- well played mom, well played

0                5

*too be fair I knew this about fruits and vegetables, but I'm just a lazy and a bit germaphobic

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