Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Vegas Advice

My friends and I turned 21 and went to Vegas. However, we were trying to save money in any way possible so we only booked one hotel room for the five of us. We were hoping to ask for a room upgrade if possible (because we had heard that in Vegas upgrades are given out for free sometimes). This is how this situation went.

*Friend & I Checking in*

Friend: We were wondering if you guys had any room upgrades available today?

Clerk: Sure we do! We have our suites which are $100 extra per night, then we have our deluxe rooms which are $80 extra per night.

me: *sad face that its not free* That's OK, we will stick with our room thanks!

*5 min later, calling mom to tell her we have arrived and checked in. Then telling her that our brilliant "we are going to get an upgrade plan" didn't work*

mom: Annette, go up to a different clerk, give them $20 cash and ask for an upgrade!

me: Mom that's bribery! People in normal countries don't do this! This is not Russia!

mom: I am thrilled to have raised such an honest daughter, but believe me this will work.

me: Mom its OK, we'll just stay in our regular room

mom: The five of you in one standard room? You guys are going to be sardines in a can! Go try it! If they say no, say "thank you for your time".

*My friend and I return to the counter, and we go to a different clerk this time. We are nervously holding $20 under in a very secret sneaky way*

me: Hi, we have already checked in but we thought we'd ask if you had any room upgrades available?

Friend: *discretely slips $20 to the clerk*

Clerk #2: We definitely have upgrades! Let me give you your new room key!

me: *Speechless, calling mommy* It worked! I thought they would call security but it worked!

mom: Did you think your mother was born yesterday?