Saturday, 10 August 2013

being polite vs psychological warfare

*My mom and I are on the ferry coming back from the Island (where she so kindly supported me at an even I had to attend) to the mainland*

It is a late night ferry, and where we are sitting, its us, a sleeping man and a young woman who is a couple rows away.

The entire time, this girl's phone was beeping, whistling, and ringing. She had the volume on her iPhone on FULL, i could hear her texting,  the text being sent, her receiving texts, her message alerts, and her VERY LOUD phone calls.

me: *Trying to ------------------------------------>, because its late and I'm tiered*

Girl: *whistle* *tap tap tap* *ping ping* *RIIIIIIING* Hi! Yeah I'm on the ferry! NO! Just don't pick up his calls! blablablablabla

*once again, this is a late night ferry*

me *then as this continues* I am going to go tell her to turn her phone on silent!

MOM: NO We need to teach her a lesson! ENGAGE PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE*Turns on her full phone sound and plays candy crush, WITH FULL SOUND*

Girl: *starts talking louder, and when she hangs up, she is still texting around 10 people and getting annoying pings every 20 seconds*

MOM: *Gives girl a disapproving look, then turns on Russian Music*

Girl: *Rolls eyes and leaves*

Me: You know mom, asking her nicely would have worked better, it would have been more polite

Mom: well see this is why I raised you right, you would never to what I did, nor what she did :D I'm a good mom!

Me: The very best! *Falls asleep*

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