Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Candy Crush promotes integrity.... WHO KNEW?

*Mom is playing Candy Crush while we are watching a TV show* 

Mom: *looses her game* Damn it!

Me: *watching over her shoulder* Let me play for you! I'll pass that level for you.

Mom: *Disapproving tone* That's CHEATING!

Me: Mom it's a game....

Mom: But I play against my FRIENDS, its unfair if the score I get isn't mine, they work hard for their scores!

Me: So you have no problem bribing people in Vegas, but Candy Crush requires integrity?

Mom: I don't care about the hotel system in Vegas, but I care about my friends and their Candy Crush achievements.

Me: OK then...

Mom: Don't be that person who cheats at games, games are meant to be fun and honest, life isn't.


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